What Does a Follower of ONE Look Like?


Free from sin, your past, habits, vices and addictions.  Free from worry especially about your eternity- you’re going to Heaven!  This amazing grace-filled, forgiven life compels us to share this good news with everyone we know.  You just can’t keep it to yourself!  What would it be like for you to help lead others to Jesus and baptize them?  Making an eternal difference in someone’s life is contagious!  We will be a church that makes Disciples who make Disciples.


Spiritually growing in a real relationship with the Lord through God’s Word and prayer brings great confidence.  Your real identity in Christ empowers you be to you, just as God intended.  No need to pretend to be someone you are not.  In fact, we promise to love you where you’re at, and will love you enough not to leave you there.  We honor each other’s heritage, culture and diversity but our identity in Christ trumps all that and even unites us as ONE people.  That’s authentic identity that births real unity!


This life isn’t meant to be lived in loneliness and isolation.  Most of us haven’t ever experienced God’s love through people, but what if that changed?  The church is full of people just like you, who want to experience a safe place to be real, loved and accepted, no matter your skin color, income, accent or political status.  In fact, you can belong before you believe (acceptance with no strings attached).  What if you had several great friends who really cared for you like family and covered you with support, prayer and blessings?


What would it be like to be so close to Jesus that you begin to have a clear sense of His will in making decisions?  Talk about a life led by God’s wisdom with direction and divine guidance.  A life lived on purpose.


There’s no greater sense of joy and happiness when you are living in obedience.  When we start living like God intended we experience deep, inner peace.  Living faithfully as a follower of Jesus makes you a stellar (yet imperfect) spouse, parent, neighbor and employee.  As we grow and follow Jesus we start to really “express what we possess”; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control (Gal. 5:22-23).


Completely surrendering your life and resources to the Lord puts your life and eternity in total perspective.  What if you became debt free and became one of the most generous people you know?  How fun would it be to give away your life and stuff to bless others and grow the church and Kingdom globally?  Talk about leaving a legacy for generations to come!   Living by God’s financial principles helps you maximize your spending, saving and sharing capabilities that brings more security than you’ve ever known.


Blessed to be a blessing!  It’s an amazing feeling to discover significance and fulfillment when we find what we were created to do and be.  You were created with a destiny and there’s no greater feeling when you find it!  What an adventure!  Living on purpose even makes going to work meaningful.  What if God revealed a whole new career path for you, reawakened a dream or even called you into ministry?

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